Matt Stevens - Processional

Live off-the-floor at Victory Social Club. Toronto, Canada. March 26th, 2015.

Written & performed by Matthew Stevens with performances by Eric Doob and Ben Williams.

Produced by Finlay Braithwaite. Directed by Michael Hearty.
Director of Photography - Michael Hearty
Created for Victory Social Club

by:Chris Berry, Alex Kurina, Andres Landau, Zach Zohr, Natasha Nicholson, Leandra Vermeulen, Lucas Prokaziuk, Ali Qadeer, Zach Cox, Josh Vermeulen, and Joao Carvalho.Special Thanks to:Eric West, Toby Darton, Casey & Tim Sebert @ PS, Anthony Montano, Greg Wilkie @ Solotech, Dave Azoulay, Rob Scrimgeour, Erin Booth, Dave Hayes, Ryan V. Hays, Justyna Braithwaite, Gooju, Phil Stevens, Charlotte McDougall, Kevin Konarzewski, Long & McQuade, and Ryerson University.

Victory Social Club

Whirlwind Recordings

Crystal Math Music Group


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