6000 Worldviews
Video Installation. Royal Alberta Museum, Edmonton, 2018

Through massive and immersive visuals and spatial sound, visitors to the Royal Alberta Museum explore and learn about what makes the Indigenous Peoples of Alberta strong in the contemporary context. Directed by Alex Lazarowich and produced in collaboration with Atelier Culturati, Hidden Story Productions, Kubik, and Victory Social Club, this twenty-minute 360° film shows the First Nations Peoples of Alberta in conversation with the myriad of landscapes and geographies that make up the province.


Hearty and Wallace is a small-scale post-production house specializing in the direction and creation of motion graphics and VFX for film and television. We also handle camera-work, modelling, VR, new immersive technologies, editing, and colour grading for commercial work and small creative projects. Larger endeavours are often co-produced with Victory Social Club, a group of creatives based in Toronto. We have 20+ years of experience in the film and television business, and have worked with museums, non-profits, artists, independent film-makers, major motion pictures and television productions.